URSA Straps are not made from Neoprene or Elastic. We have developed a brand new bonded fabric specifically for purpose. Our fabric is ultra-slim at 1mm thick. It provides excellent stretch, comfort against skin and breathability with an outer surface which hook Velcro can attach to at any point.

Our Thigh Straps do not slip down the leg like other straps. To keep them securely in place we bond on a unique layer of ultra-thin Polyurethane gripper.

We have also developed a brand new Cable Pocket for managing excess mic cable and Colour Tabs to easily identify each strap.

Our pouches are also designed to keep the transmitters locked in place without the need for any additional velcro fastening.

Ankle     20-40cm (8-16″)
Thigh     37-67cm (14-26″)
Small Waist     61-82cm (24-32″)
Medium Waist     74-107cm (29-42″)
Large Waist     95-128cm (37-50″)

We manufacture Ankle, Thigh and three sizes of Waist Strap – Small, Medium & Large. We also make a Double Pack straps which are currently only available in Medium length in either Black or Beige.

To help secure transmitters inside the pouch we have developed Pouch Protectors which can velcro to either side of the pouch and keep the Transmitter locked in place. This is especially useful if you have to rig the transmitter upside down.

We also manufacture Soft Circles Radio Mic Covers which are available in multi-packs of 18 or individual bags of 6.