K-TEK Boom

K-Tek Boom Poles

Model              Min.    Max.     Weight

K-Tek K-56    (0,40 - 1,50 m / 295g)

K-Tek K-81    (0,61 - 2,06 m / 581g)

K-Tek K-87    (0,55 - 2,21 m / 494g)

K-Tek K-102   (0,60 - 2,67 m / 458g)

K-Tek K-152   (0.91 - 3,90 m / 610g)

K-Tek K-202   (1,17 - 5,13 m / 759g)

K-Tek K-251   (1,40 - 6,38 m / 970g)

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K-CCR Base

K-CCR Base unit with Right Angle XLR for Internal Coiled Cable.
The K-CCR is a 3″ base where the XLR comes out the side and the mushroom base attaches to the end. With longer poles, this allows the operator to rest the pole on its base between takes without damaging the wiring.

K-CC Base

K-CC Base unit with XLR Male for Internal Coiled Cable.
The K-CC is a dimpled collar with a bottom XLR. Factory-wired poles comewith the K-CC installed.

K-FT/K-FTS Flow-through Base

K-FT/K-FTS Flow-through Base for Internal Straight Cable
When running a straight cable inside a boom pole, a method is needed to allow the cable to lengthen in the pole while it is being extended and to flow out of the pole while it is being collapsed, without binding. The K-FT Flow-through Base has a four-inch long slot that allows long cables to flow smoothly. It can be used with the K-202 and K-251 Klassic poles and may be compatible with the K-152. We also offer the “Stubby” Flow-through Base (K-FTS) with a slot only 1-3/4″ long. It is designed for use with the K-56 and K-102 Klassic poles and is adequate for work with the K-152 when it is desirable to keep the overall length to a minimum.


This accessory can be used to attach a wireless microphone adapter to any K-Tek Klassic boom pole. A machined aluminum side mount outfitted with an XLR connector, the K-TA2 allows the user to mount the adapter positioned parallel to the pole – keeping it safe.