Zaxcom DEVA Mix-8

Zaxcom today announced that the Deva Mix-8 eight-fader mixing control panel will begin shipping to customers worldwide in October 2008. The Deva Mix-8 integrates directly with the company's Emmy® Award-winning Deva and high-resolution Fusion audio recording systems to provide a more compact, mobile, and precise control panel for audio mixing.

Zaxcom Deva Mix-12

True digital mixing console
3-band shelving EQ with 2 notch filters and high pass per channel
Soft knee compressor with makeup gain
All cross points are cross faded (never any clicks or pops)
Zero time offset design for no phase distortion channel to channel
No audio cabling from mixer to recorder
Floating point DSP (no internal clipping or quantization issues)
Unlimited routing
Penny & Gilles faders
No sample rate issues between mixer and recorder
Integrated Deva record & stop buttons
QWERTY keyboard for metadata input
Cross points can be pre or post fader with phase inversion