LMC SOUND Vampire Clips and mounts for Sanken COS-11 and other lavalier microphone brands

4S Furry Mount

4S Furry Mount for Sanken COS 11
Reduces noise in windy conditions
2 sided tape quickly mounts your COS 11 to clothing or skin
Low profile and easy to conceal
Eco-friendly multi use

vampire clip

Designed by a location sound mixer. The Vclip vampire clip was created exclusively for use with all models of the Sanken COS 11 lavalier microphone. Facilitates quick mounting of the mic to many clothing materials without sacrificing sound quality. The mic capsule slides into the Vclip tube for a snug fit

Rubber Mount SL

Rubber Mount SL for Sanken COS 11
Slim profile rubber mount for easy concealment
Almost half the width of a Sanken RM 11
Use for microphone isolation and mounting to fabric or skin
Works with Countryman B6 or other small profile lavaliers measuring 5mm diameter or less
Dimensions: 12mm W x 22mm L x 4.5mm H, 0.5in W x 0.87in L x 0.18in H

C Mount and C Mount Vampire Clip

C Mount and C Mount Vampire Clip Universal Lavalier Mount
Universal Lavalier Mount
Holds many round and rectangular lavalier mics in place measuring between 5mm and up to 7mm in diameter: Sennheiser ME 2, Sony ECM 77, DPA 4061 4071, Tram TR50, Sonotrim, Oscar Tech 801/802, Countryman B3 and more…
Mic head diameters less than 5mm can be used in conjunction with double stick tape but the firm gripping properties of the mount are not as effective especially with the vampire clip option.
Used for microphone mounting and isolation from fabric or skin for optimal sound quality.
Made of flexible rubber material can be used hundreds of times.
Handy flat side for mounting with ‘Top Stick’, ‘Stick It’ or any double stick tape.
Colors: Black and Beige
Options: C Mount (no vampire clip),
C Mount Vampire Clip

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