Audio Wireless AW-1Splus

The Audio Wireless AWDR-1 Diversity Receiver is a portable true-diversity receiver, for broadcast and ENG applications.  Combining exemplary audio quality with territorial freedom and operational convenience, it is designed for global operation, addressing the widespread problems of over-crowded frequency spectrum and the non-harmonised radio microphone frequency allocations prevalent in many territories.
With a RF bandwidth of up to 120MHz, the AWDR-1 employs digitally-tuned front-end filtering to ensure high rejection of unwanted, strongly interfering transmitted signals. This technique provides very robust RF signal integrity, together with great flexibility for ENG crews, sound recordists and general location work.  A system with such a wide tuning bandwidth eliminates the need to stock equipment configured with a variety of frequency bands – helping to standardise inventories, and bringing vast benefit to hire companies and broadcasters alike.
Maintaining absolute integrity in terms of audio quality, overall performance and reliability, the compact AWDR-1 is light enough to mount easily on DV camcorders with external powering facilities.  Contributing to today’s high production values, it will improve workflow whether the project is a feature film, multi-camera documentary or production, or a single camera ENG-style shoot.

AW Accessories

Diversity Housing DH2+1 is a custom design which offers the solution to antenna and power distribution requirements of any portable sound bag. The DH2 is designed with the location sound recordist in mind.
The Diversity Housing, two AW small Diversity Receivers and a NP-1 battery block in a contained design keeps your sound bag tidy, eliminates your multiple antennas and simplifies your dc powering.
Additional antenna outputs allow the system to be expanded feeding either a further AWDR receiver or another Diversity Housing. Cascading to another DH2+1 allows for up to a 5 channel system or cascading to a DH5+1 allows for up to a mighty 8-channel system all driven from a pair of antennas. The DH2 is a small lightweight metal construction with conveniently placed connectors which makes it ideal for use with a mobile mixer/recorder.
Each receiver is phantom powered via the internal band-pass filtered RF distribution amplifier. Antenna connections are via standard BNC connectors to allow ease of using long antenna extension cables for remote antenna applications. Switchable Remote Antenna Powering is available to power an Active Antenna to compensate long antenna extension cable losses.
The internal battery slot takes a rechargeable NP-1 block. Alternatively, the DH2+1 may be powered from an external source of 10 -18V dc supply via dc sockets on the side panel. There are a set of three 4-pin Hirose connectors providing unregulated dc output volts to power mixer/recorders and an additional set of three 4-pin Hirose regulated volts available to power other devices. A USB socket is fitted for charging Mobile Phones.
Renowned for being one of the most natural sounding radio microphone systems available, all Audio Wireless transmitters and receivers are fitted with the unique Noise Suppression system to maximise dynamic range as well as providing a transparent sound quality and improved interference immunity in RF hostile environments.
Audio Wireless wide tuning systems are now first choice among freelance sound recordists, hiring companies as well as major broadcasters for all wireless microphone applications.