Audio Ltd. DXS 2040 RX

Up to 24Mhz switchable bandwidthThe DX2040 has 32 pre-programmed frequencies and incorporates enhanced multi-channel operation with a switching bandwidth of up to 24MHz (that’s equivalent to 3 European or 4 U.S. TV channels).Internal or external power optionsThe receiver can be powered for up to 5 (standard) or 10 (lithium) hours by 2xAA 1.5v batteries, available anywhere in the world. Alternatively it can be externally powered (with a supply range from 6-18v DC) using cables available from Audio.Infrared remote controlAudio’s unique infrared interface allows the user to set all parameters via the SwitchiR, a keyfob-sized remote control unit.AudiR for PalmScanning with signal strength on location is possible through AudiR for Palm (available free). This feature is normally only found on mains powered studio based rack systems.Rack compatibileThe DX2040 can be plugged directly into the RK3 portable rack system to allow 3 (or up to 6 by joining two RK3s) receivers to be fed from one set of antennae.Upgrading from RMS2020 or RMS2000 rangesIf you are upgrading from an earlier Audio system the DX2040 is fully backwards compatible using existing cables via a standard six pin Lemo connector interface.

Audio Ltd. TX 2040

Unique infrared interfaceThe new TX2040 transmitter features Audio’s unique infrared interface,which allows the transmitter to be controlled remotely. The sound professional can use the Control-X device to switch the transmitter On/Off, even when it is worn beneath clothing – great for film and drama. The device displays the frequency on which the TX2040 is operating, enabling the sound engineer to identify the particular transmitter, even when it can’t be seen. The remote control features can also be operated by the SwitchiR control system, or from a Palm PDA, using free downloadable Palm AudiR software.Compact designThe absence of mechanical switches on the TX2040 reduces wear, and ensures a greater degree of water proofing, for improved durability and reliability. The battery compartment is integrated into the transmitter case, to prevent the battery coming a drift in use, and has been designed to accommodate larger 9V batteries. The TX2040 will often last for a full day without the need to replace the batteries.32 pre-programmed frequenciesThe unit has 32 pre-programmed frequencies, with a switching bandwidth of up to 24MHz, which is the equivalent of three European TV channels, or four US channels. Despite its host of new features, the transmitter remains the same size as its predecessor the TX2020, and is fully backward compatible with earlier Audio systems. As with all our products, RF and audio performance are excellent.

Audio Ltd. mini TX

Slim, rounded profileThe miniTX measures only 82mm high by 48mm wide by 16.5mm thin and weighs a tiny 90gms including batteries. Comfortable and easily hidden, even in tight costumes, it is an artist’s and costumier’s dream.Up to 24MHz switchable bandwidthThe miniTX has up to 32 pre-programmed frequencies, with a switching bandwidth of up to 24MHz (the equivalent of 3 European or 4 U.S. TV channels).Powered by 2xAAA batteriesThe miniTX can run for up to 5 hours on 2xAAA 1.5v batteries (available anywhere in the world) or up to 10 hours with Lithium batteries.Your choice of microphoneAll Audio transmitters are designed to work the microphone of your choice and our technical department are available to answer any questions (email us at: in controlIt’s not just the size and weight that makes this transmitter popular with artists and costumiers. The miniTX can be switched On/Off, frequencies checked and changed, and battery status monitored using the SwitchIR. It can also be switched On/Off through clothing with the Control-X, which removes the need to adjust costumes during filming.

AL-2021 Audio Ltd. Set En2 DX2 630-670Mhz

Two sets of paired receivers

If you are frequently faced with situations where you need to record two signals (a conversation between an individually miked presenter and an interviewee for example), the DX2 is the solution.
Like the DX receiver, it’s true diversity but, with two sets of paired receivers built in, it can handle the signal from two separate transmitters. The unit can be attached directly to a sound mixer but is also compact enough to fit discreetly onto a video camera. In addition, it can also be used as a stereo link to send the output from a mixer to a professional camera.
It’s this versatility combined with clear, uninterrupted sound that makes the DX2 the perfect choice for documentary makers, ENG applications and HD video productions.