Cyclone Small delivers outstanding performance for small diaphragm condenser and short shotgun microphones alike. The detachable Offset Link bracket, included with Cyclone Small models, provides mic-axis articulation for ideal microphone placement.Rycote

Cyclone Small  RY-089103

DPA 4017C, 4018C
Neumann KM100 series
Schoeps CMC series
Sennheiser MKH 8040*, MKH 8050*, MKH 50

Schoeps CCM series

Sennheiser MKH 8060*

Rycote Cyclone Medium  RY-089102
Microphone Compatibility

DPA 4017B, 4018A
Neumann KMR 81D, KMR 81i
Røde NTG-3, NTG-4
Sanken CS-1, CS-2
Schoeps CMIT-5u, CMC w/Cut 1, CMC w/Cut 60
Sennheiser MKH 416, MKH 8060 w/MZF

Rycote Cyclone Large  RY-089101

Microphone Compatibility

Røde NTG-2, NTG-4+
Sanken CS-3e
Schoeps Super-CMIT
Sennheiser MKH 60

Modular Windshield Kit

Windkorb RYCOTE Kit 1
Product Code: 086004 Windshield 1, Windjammer 1, Small Suspension /  KM 100 / KM 184 / SENNHEISER MKH 8060 with out Filter

Windkorb RYCOTE Kit 2
Product Code: 086003 Windshield 2, Windjammer 2, Small Suspension / SENNHEISER MKH 8060, Schoeps Colette-Serie

Windkorb RYCOTE Kit 3
Product Code: 086002 Set Windshield 3, Windjammer 3, Small Suspension / Schoeps Colette-Serie with CUT-1

Windkorb RYCOTE Kit 4
Product Code: 086001 Set Modular Suspension, Connbox CB 1, Windshield 4, Windjammer 4 /  Sennheiser MKH-60, MKH-418, Beyer MCE-87 oder Audio Technica 835ST

Windkorb RYCOTE Kit 5
Product Code: 086005 Medium Modular Suspension with lyres and Hardwired Connbox 1 / Windshield 4 / Extension 1 and Drawstring Windjammer 5 / geeignet für das Beyer MCE 86

Windkorb RYCOTE Kit 6
Product Code: 086006 Medium Mod Susp with lyres and Hardwired Connbox 1, Windshield 4, Extension 2 and Drawstring Windjammer 6 / Sennheiser MKH70 oder Neumann  KMR-82

Windkorb RYCOTE Kit 7
Product Code: 086007 / Audio Technica AT815b, oder Sennheiser K6 / ME67

Windkorb RYCOTE Kit 8
Product Code: 086008 / Sennheiser MKH-816

Windkorb RYCOTE Kit 295
Product Code: 086009 Set Windshield 295, Windjammer 295, Medium Suspension / für MKH 416 / KMR 81

Windkorb Rycote Kit 10
Product Code: 086010 / MKH-8000 Serie

Rycote BBG Windshield

BBG Windjammer
Suitable for all mono BBG Windshields
Product Code: 021801

20mm BBG WS
21mm BBG WS
22mm BBG WS
25mm BBG WS
30mm BBG WS

BBG Stereo Windjammer
Suitable for all Stereo BBG Windshields
Product Code: 021802

21mm BBG Stereo WS
22mm BBG Stereo WS