Film/sound technology sales

We deal in sound equipment to suit every requirement and pocket; we will be happy to make you a proposal that we will tailor to your requirements.

For financing, we have worked together with abcfinance for more than 10 years, with many happy customers.

Obviously, we provide you with the legal guarantee and, on top of that, an extensive level of service.

Kortwich    Schoeps    DPA    Sennheiser    Sanken    Tascam


Kortwich     Ambient    K-TEK     vdB     Panamic  

We have subdivided the Rycote products into 4 parts:

Schaumwindsch├╝tzer Mikrofonhalterungen Windschutz Zubeh├Âr

Starterpack-Kortwich NP

Starterpack-Kortwich V-Mount

Starterpack-Kortwich NP-F