Microphone power supply

Electret Microphone power supply, Phantom 48V to electret converter for

Lectrosonics, Audio Ltd., Sennheiser, Micron, Sony, Binder .......

These adapters give you the possibility of operating your clip-on microphones (electret) wired to a microphone input at 48V Ph.

Further adapters on request!

Kortwich Microphone power supply VCP-10/20 48V Ph 215 € netto

Kortwich Microphone power supply VCP-10/20 connects the transmitter (TX) to the boom microphone, with a power supply from a 9V battery, and thus avoids having to supply the battery from the transmitter.

The supply is compatible with all condenser microphones, and suitable for all current radio transmitters.

The VCP has an ON/OFF switch and an LED which indicates the battery status.

Changing the battery takes just a moment.

Kortwich Microphone Power Supply VCP-20PRO 215 € netto

Kortwich Microphone and LINE Power Supply to 48V Ph, ON/OFF switch, Mic / Line swith, DC IN 9 - 16V

Adaptercabel for Ph 48V - TONADER Tuchel 89,00 € netto

Using this cable, you can operate a SENNHEISER MKH 415/416 microphone with power supply, connected to a mixer or a recorder with phantom 48V power supply.

We make up the length for you individually.