Kortwich mixer MM2

headphone output with gain
separate gain for ch1 and 2
3 LED level meter

2 combined inputs: line/dynamic mic/PH48 mic
tone generator
compressor ( starts to work when red LED flashing )
switchable output: line or mic (-40dB)
dc input 6-30V

weight: 260g
135 x 80 x 28 mm (dxwxh)

nominal output 0dbV (=+2dBU) or 1V ( yellow LED starts flashing ) at line output
LED level indicator: green = -10dB, yellow = 0dB, red = +4dB
tone generator: 1kHz +/- 10% at 0dB +/- 0,5dB
heaphone out: max -4dBU (0,5V) at 0dB output
input level: Min. -70bDU, max. +12dBU (3V)
frequency range: 40Hz to 20kHz +/- 1dB
distortion: 0,016% at 1kHz/0dB
crosstalk: ch1 to ch2 at 1kHz/0dB -> -40dB
power consumption: without PH48: 160mA, with 2 x PH48: 210mA