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All of our products are handcrafted by our employees and are subject to a strict final inspection.

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Sale and hire of film and sound technology in Berlin

Make sure that you have the support of experienced professionals for your new equipment, upgrade, maintenance and service, and benefit from our know-how.

We have been here for you in Berlin for more than 50 years as a specialist dealer and service supplier.

The film and sound technology which we offer is built up of products which have proven themselves over the years for their reliability, both on hire and when sold.

When renting or buying the right

you can choose between various manufacturers.

Sound Devices  -  Tascam   -  Zoom

We are happy to provide you with detailed advice, during which we of course take into account your wishes and needs.

Hire or buy a

from the following manufacturers:

-  Neumann -  DPASchoepsSanken -   CountrymanKortwich

For a small sum to cover our costs, we offer you the option of testing the microphone or recorder over a whole weekend, before you buy it.

The range of

available for sale or hire is aimed at all possible uses.

Mixer MM2    SD 302, SD 552, SD 633   SQN   SD 664, Sonosax   Afi 6D Afi 8D

are available at all price levels.

SENNHEISER SENNHEISER ew112-p G3   Audio Wireless   Lectrosonics  Audio Ltd.  Zaxcom  Wisycom  Zubehör

There will never be such a thing as the perfect boom, but in our range you will find the appropriate sound boom for your requirements:

AMBIENT, Rycote, K-Tek, vdB, Panamic, Rode  Zubehör

should not suppress any frequencies, but should be light and not create any additional noise; Rycote has been very successful at this.

Foam  InVision  Windshield  accessories

are subject to the listener's personal taste; choose for yourself wearing comfort, transfer of audible frequencies, whether closed or open.

Sennheiser  Ultrasone  beyerdynamic.

Here too we recommend that you first test, then buy.

Everything should be safely and securely packed - and that's what will happen with the right PELI case.


Stocked from Ambient and Tentacle

For independence from the mains, we manufacture according to your needs.
You can choose between the following systems:

NPF Akkus  NP-1 Akkus V-Mount  Kortwich Starter-Pack  iPower